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Our Lawyers in Denver Help Clients with Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Auto Accident Representation, Immigration Appeals & More.lawyers in denver

Auto Accidents and Personal Injury
If you’ve been injured, you need an attorney to help you determine what rights you have. Our lawyers in Denver will defend your rights, work with the insurance company, and ensure you have your day in court if the other side is unwilling to settle.

Criminal Law
A criminal conviction can quickly throw your life into disarray, even if the crime is a misdemeanor. You may struggle to find employment, worry about your reputation, or even lose your professional license. This is an addition to the risk of fines, time away from work, and jail time that typically come alongside a criminal prosecution. Whether or not your case goes to trial, Neatly Legal will represent you and your best interests.

We know firsthand the stress and hassle of the immigration process. We’ll guide you through the immigration process, and protect your rights in the U.S. If you are facing an immigration issue in the Metro Denver area, you need an attorney who knows the law, who respects those who pursue citizenship, and who will fight for your rights.

Landlord Tenant Law
Landlord-tenant disputes can quickly escalate. Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, the most important step you will take before acting in a dispute is to learn the law. Our highly qualified team of attorneys is committed to educating our clients about the law and their rights when they become involved in landlord-tenant disputes.

Civil lawsuits are notoriously complex. Another person can sue you for just about anything, and you’ll need a lawyer to help you defend yourself. At Neatly Legal, we’re prepared to meet the challenge every time. Rather than treating your claim as if it’s just one out of hundreds, we’ll aggressively investigate your suit and develop a personalized strategy that is focused on your best interests.

Real Estate
We work with buyers, sellers, and developers to negotiate real estate contracts and address problems as they arise. An ongoing relationship with a skilled attorney can help keep your business and property safe. Whether it’s a simple dispute with a neighbor or a complex commercial transaction, we’re here to help.

Business / Contract
Neatly Legal can provide your small to medium-sized business the benefits of General Counsel. From simple document review, contracts, completed paperwork, and compliance work, we are here to help you address a problem, plan for the future, or design strategies to avoid legal issues.

If you need legal assistance in any of these areas, contact Neatly Legal to speak with our legal team.

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