Metro Denver and Aurora Immigration Attorneys at Farncombe, Schultz, & Farncombe Will Help Facilitate Your Immigration Process.

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If you’re facing an immigration issue in the Metro Denver area, you need an Aurora immigration attorney who knows the law, who respects those who pursue citizenship, and who will fight for your rights. Farncombe, Schultz, & Farncombe will explore all your options and fight for you and your opportunities.

Common Immigration Issues
Immigration issues ultimately boil down to two key concerns: trying to immigrate to the U.S. and trying to stay here after you’ve moved. Immigration paperwork is notoriously complex, and you can’t rely on information you get from someone who is not qualified to advocate for you. You need and deserve an Aurora immigration attorney who will vigorously defend your rights and do everything possible to help you legally live in the United States.

Some common issues we handle include:
• Handling expired visas.
• Obtaining extensions for visas about to expire.
• Applying for permanent residence or to become a citizen.
• Applying for change of status.
• Fighting deportation/ removal.
• Reasonable Fear and Asylum Cases.
• Obtaining fiancé visas.
• Exploring options such as student visas and work permits that may allow you to immigrate to the U.S. or stay here after you’ve already moved.

We know the U.S. immigration system is complex, but we’ll help you wade through it to arrive at the right strategy for your case.

How We Help You
In many immigration cases, the key to victory is a careful examination of the facts. For example, you may be able to get a student visa if you’re enrolled in college or a training program. Depending on the life you faced in your home country, you may also be eligible for an asylum claim. We’ll help you decide what’s applicable to your case.

No matter what your immigration issues is, we’ll listen to you and determine the best course of action for your case. There may be options you don’t even know about. Our Aurora immigration attorneys can help you. Contact Farncombe, Schultz, & Farncombe today.

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